IP Week

Defining the industry’s role,
delivering a low carbon future

23-25 February, 2021


Urgent global challenges on the agenda -
watch what happened at IP Week 2020…

2021-02-23 8:00:00

IP Week 2020 Review

The Energy Institute placed the climate emergency centre stage at IP Week 2020 for the first time, convening senior leaders from industry, NGOs, investors and academia to discuss urgent global challenges.

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2020 speakers included:

Here's what people said about IP Week 2020:

Steve Holliday FREng FEI, President, Energy Institute:
'We aspire for IP week to be the pre-eminent event for thinking, discussing and creating collaboration in tackling the dual challenge of economic development and climate change.'

Bernard Looney FREng FEI, CEO, BP:
'I am very happy to see the energy transition as a big part of this year's conference as we head towards COP26 in Glasgow. That makes me very proud to be a Fellow of the Energy Institute – and prouder still that BP is a big supporter.'

Al Cook, Executive Vice President, Equinor:
'Events like [IP Week] are absolutely critical. It’s very important that we get different voices in the room, rather than different voices shouting at each other from different rooms. In a polarised world, it’s really important that we have panels that look not just at the challenges but also the solutions.'

Ben Ratner, Senior Director, Environmental Defense Fund:
'Climate urgency permeated the room at IP Week 2020 in a way I haven't experienced before at an oil and gas conference.'

Joan MacNaughton CB HonFEI, Chair, The Climate Group:
'It’s really fantastic that the energy transition, the need to address climate change, has been put front and centre of the [IP Week] agenda. So I want to congratulate the sector and the people who’ve organised the event for taking that very bold step.'

Katherine Dunn, Associate Editor, Fortune magazine:
'If [IP Week] felt like a mediated confrontation between the tensions of public pressure over climate change, and what the future of energy companies will look like, it was still a notable shift.'

Anna Kachkova, freelance journalist:
'The way climate dominated this year’s IP Week illustrated the increasing sense of urgency among the oil and gas industry in addressing the issue.'

Matthew Carr, Reporter, Bloomberg:
'Last year, protesters glued their hands to the doors of the conference venue complaining of record winter heat. This year, climate experts were invited in and given the floor.'

About IP Week: defining the industry’s role, delivering a low carbon future

Transformation through innovation, technology and talent

Sustainable Development Goals 7 and 13 define the need globally for all to have access to clean, reliable, affordable energy. Demand for energy continues to grow - by an estimated 25% by 2040 - as the world's population expands, and energy delivers wellbeing and better living standards to all. Almost 3 billion people still don’t have access to modern, safe energy for cooking, and almost a billion don’t have access to electricity and the services it provides.

The climate science is clear - we must remove harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere to levels that limit the damage that global temperature rises can cause. Therefore, transformational change is needed in society's approach to developing, supplying and using energy, and the pace of change must accelerate.

This is a challenge and opportunity for all sectors of the global economy to address. Civil society, the state, investors, shareholders and business leaders must collaborate to deliver the transformation we need. Among each of these groups this recognition is becoming more obvious, but the challenge comes in finding ways to collaborate to deliver real, practical solutions with the potential for global impact.

What does this mean for the oil and gas industry and what will the debate be at IP Week?

The oil and gas industry must explain why they are here now and what they provide to the world – an honest story is the one which explains that 54% of the world’s needs are met by oil and gas – and it cannot simply be turned off tomorrow.

Oil and gas operations today need to be as clean and efficient as technology will allow for. Focus must be renewed and targets toughened to reduce greenhouse gases, not just in scope 1 and 2 but also in 3 – reducing the impacts of the products that are produced.

The human ingenuity, skill and talent in the oil and gas industry should be acknowledged as it will be central to any future successes in providing energy for all.

    Special IP Week episode of the EI podcast


    Energy in Conversation is taking on the theme of IP Week: defining the industry’s role and delivering a low carbon future. This episode asks an existential question for the energy sector: what will today’s oil and gas companies look like in the net zero world of 2050? EI Chief Executive Louise Kingham hosts a conversation between Maarten Wetselaar and Bob Ward. They may not agree on everything, but one thing is for certain: to succeed in the future, companies must show leadership now.

    Stream the podcast here, or visit the Energy in Conversation home page, Apple, Spotify and Castbox for more episodes.

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